Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday 6 PM or so ..

They've just declared the next 3 days as holiday as well ... parts of the city flooded ... garbage, corpses ... places still without electricity ... they say the spirit of Bombay will always survive...

We've given up all hope in the authorities .. how the hell did this happen in the first place? Lots of questions to be asked - lots to be answered - and the realization that for better or for worse - we're all in this together ... human beings against the fury of mother nature? Or is she just giving a warning to her children -- maybe it's time to mend our ways... get together, figure it out - save our city...

What I love about this city is that however bad things get - nothing can take away the smile, nothing can take away the hope, nothing can take away the spirit that binds us together -- as we make our way, constantly in motion -- no time to think ...

Now she's forced us to stop. Pause. For a week now. Think. Where is our city going to? How did it get to be this way? What can we do?

I'm going to take a walk.


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