Sunday, July 31, 2005

Walked from Worli, near Poonam Chambers to Lower Parel -- things seemed fairly normal on the road, but there was a sense of unease -- people looked at raindrops with a sense of fear ...
Saw a crowd gathered outside a Pizza Hut and wondered what's going on -- should've guessed, just trying to catch a glimpse of the cricket -- "Score kya hua, boss" - "Maalum nahi, abhi shuru hua" -- "Baarish mein mazaa aaya?" "Arre. poocho mat bhaiya" -- always a smile - this is aamchi Mumbai after all -- and this side of the divide, this side of town, things really aren't that badly affected. The beer bars seemed to have the usual amount of patrons...
Phoenix Mills was a little deserted. The road was pretty devoid of cars as well. I guess we can thank the Police Commisioner for that with some friends receiving SMSes every five minutes telling them not to get out of the house. The Met dept. has predicted heavy showers for the next 48 hours. Two days holiday... that's our Government for you. Sleep all through the disaster - when the bad press hits, they swing into action immediately and DECLARE A HOLIDAY. How nice.


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