Thursday, August 04, 2005

Went for a 2-day Seminar / Conference on Mumbai Futures and Mumbai Visions organized by PUKAR at the NCPA,,
Fascinating - discussing, among other things, climate change, it's effect on urban infrastructure, similar problems faced by cities elsewhere and what we can do as citizens to improve our lot and make government institutions more accountable..
Also discussed were issues of housing and identity in the city..
Fascinating 2 days - a little exhausted to write a detailed report right now - and really I wouldn't feel qualified to - I hate misquoting people, and that seems to be the job of journalists everywhere.. bluddy fuckall job.
Anyways - will see if I can get them to give me the recording of the event and I'll try to transcribe the whole thing - really, everyone who has any stake in the city should hear and contemplate these things...


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