Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some folks have gotten together to form the Concerned Citizens Commission to hold citizen hearings in different areas, find out what went wrong, and hold govt. officials accountable for the state of Mumbai, as well as find solutions that can be implemented. This needs to do more than be a formal process of hearings with a report generated thats buried under the hundreds of other "Commission Reports" and the media moves on ton to the next big scoop .. lets hope the media can keep up sustained commentary on constructive movements like this that wish to carry on a sustained effort after the crisis to prevent future disasters like 8/26 ..

i've posted the details of the commission in the next post, and i do hope people contribute in this effort as much as they can - i hope to go to some of the hearings and will post reports about going on's, but really, what do we do and who do we blame -- when it seems like mother nature's out to get us -- and each one of us is too blame -- let's hope we find practical solutions to the problems we're facing, but i really wish to ask - when will we as a species finally gather the strength to ask the really difficult questions -- the questions that really need to be asked if we have any hope of saving the earth from the ravaging we've put her through.. if it's not already too late..


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